Name Degree Graduation Year Thesis Title
Mingzhe Wu Ph.D. 2023

Advanced Selective Harmonic Elimination Pulse Width Modulation for High-Power Medium-Voltage Converters

Cheng Xue Ph.D. 2023

Improved Model Predictive Control Design for Current-Source and Voltage-Source Motor Drives

Gabriel Pauka M.Sc. 2023

Wide Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors with Improved Torque Capacity

Rouzbeh Reza Ahrabi Ph.D. 2022

Hybrid AC/DC Grid with Parallel LCC-VSC Interlinking Converters

Nie Hou Ph.D. 2022

Dynamic Optimization for Dual-Active-Bridge-Based DC-DC Converter Systems

Fanxiu Fang Ph.D. 2021

PWM and Control Strategies for AC-DC Matrix Converters

Yuzhuo Li Ph.D. 2021

Systematic Topology Derivation and PWM Design of Multilevel Converters

Li Ding Ph.D. 2020

PWM and Control Strategies for Modular CSC based High Power Application

Tong Shi M.Sc. 2020

Study of Sub-synchronous Resonance Oscillations in Wind Farms based on Variable Speed Wind Turbine Generators

Andrew Zhou M.Sc. 2020

Electromechanical Performance Comparison of Low-voltage Ride-through Methods for Variable Speed Wind Turbines

Changpeng Jiang M.Sc. 2020

Investigation and Reduction of the Common-Mode Voltage Effects in Transformerless Solar PV Inverters

Hao Tian Ph.D. 2019

Harmonic Mitigation of Voltage Source Converter Based High-Power Variable Frequency Drives

Zhongyi Quan Ph.D. 2019

Grid-Interfacing Converter System Leveraging Parallel Modularity and Interleaving Technique

Md. Shirajum Munir Ph.D. 2018

Residential Distribution System Power Quality Improvement using DG-Grid Interfacing VSI

Mahmoud Rahmani M.Sc. 2018

High Power Long Lifetime LED Drivers

Xuerui Lin M.Sc. 2018

Soft-Switching Technique for a Three-Phase Isolated Matrix Rectifier

Farzam Nejabatkhah Ph.D. 2017

Unbalanced Voltage Compensation using Interfacing Converters in Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids

Yujuan Lian M.Sc. 2016

Investigation and Suppression of Common-mode Resonance in High-power Transformerless Current-source Drives

Ye Zhang Ph.D. 2015

Investigation and Suppression of Harmonics and Interharmonics in High-Power PWM Current-Source Drive Systems.

Yuru Zhang M.Sc. 2015

Energy Management Strategy for Supercapacitor in Droop-controlled DC Microgrid Using Virtual Impedance

Xiaohan Wen M.Sc. 2015

A Distribution System Harmonic Compensation Approach Using DG-Grid Interfacing Converters at Low Switching Frequency

Xiang Li M.Sc. 2015

A Harmonic Mitigation Scheme by Micro-APF for Residential Distributed Systems

Hesam Yazdanpanahi Ph.D. 2014

Protection and Power Quality Impacts of Distributed Generation on Distribution System

Jinghang Lu M.Sc. 2014

Unbalance Voltage Compensation Using Power Electronics Interfaced DG

Jinwei He Ph.D. 2013

Damping and Harmonic Control of DG-Grid Interfacing Converters

Xun Long Ph.D. 2013

Distribution System Condition Monitoring Using Active Disturbances

Jian Shang M.Sc. 2013

Space Vector Modulation Methods for Common-Mode Voltage Reduction in Current-Source Drives

Rasoul Milasi Ph.D. 2012

Adaptive and Nonlinear Control of a Voltage Source Converter

Ruoshui Ni M.Sc. 2012

Virtual Impedance Based Selective Harmonic Compensation PWM

Yifei Wang M.Sc. 2011

Grid Phase and Harmonic Detection Using Cascaded Delayed Signal Cancellation Technique

Hua Zhou M.Sc. 2010

Harmonic Current Control in a High-Power Current Source Rectifier System

Yan Li M.Sc. 2010

Power Management of Power Electronics Interfaced Low-Voltage Microgrid in Islanding Operation

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