Courses Taught by Prof. Yunwei (Ryan) Li

Undergraduate-Level Courses
ECE 332 – Electric Machines

Course Description: Principles of electromagnetic force and torque in rotating machinery. Simple AC and DC machines. Synchronous machine theory and characteristics. Induction motor theory. Practical aspects of induction motor use: characteristics, standards, starting, variable speed operation. Fractional HP motor theory. Safety in electrical environments.

ECE 430 – Power System Analysis

Course Description: Transmission line design parameters; power flow computations; generator control systems, load frequency control; economic operation of power systems; symmetrical components theory; symmetrical and unsymmetrical fault analysis.

ECE 433 – Power System Stability and Transients

Course Description: Introduction to power system transient states. Power system voltage stability; PV and QV curve methods. Power system angular stability; transient stability and equal area criterion; steady-state stability and power system stabilizer. Electromagnetic transients in power systems, insulation coordination and equipment protection. Methods of power system design and simulation.

ECE 490/491 – Electrical Engineering (Capstone) Design Project

Course Description:

ECE 490: The first of two design courses that must be taken in the same academic year. Student teams research, propose, design, develop, document, prototype, and present a practical engineering system or device; teams exercise creativity and make assumptions and decisions based on technical knowledge. This first course includes project definition, planning, and initial prototyping. Formal reports and presentation of the project proposal is required.

ECE 491: The second of two design courses that must be taken in the same academic year, in which student teams develop an electronic system or device from concept to working prototype. Emphasis is placed on continued execution of the project plan developed in ECE 490. Formal interim and final reports are required; groups demonstrate and present their designs.

Graduate-Level Courses
ECE 635 – Power Converters and Renewable Energy Systems

Course Description: This course covers power converter topologies (including DC-DC converters, DC-AC converters, two level and multilevel converters, voltage source converters, current source converters). PWM methods (including Sine PWM, Space Vector PWM, Hysteresis PWM, Selective Harmonic Elimination PWM, and PWM for multilevel converters) and implementation techniques. Wind power systems, PV systems, fuel cell systems and the power converters used in these systems. Operation/control issues of renewable energy systems.

ECE 730 – Advanced Topics in Energy Systems

Course Description: Reading and research course on advanced topics in energy systems.